The Graduate Management Admission Test generally known as GMAT is an International level entrance test. Aspirants seeking admission in management programmes at global universities can go for GMAT exam. GMAT Test is usually conducted throughout the year. Candidates willing to appear in this test don’t have to wait for a fixed date; rather they can book an appointment as per their convenience and give the GMAT exam.

Similarly, the candidate looking to appear for GMAT 2019 exam can book their slot whenever they feel that they are fully prepared. In this article we will discuss various details about GMAT Test Date 2019 like registration dates, re-applying dates etc.

GMAT Test Date 2019

Candidate preparing for GMAT 2019 exam can book a slot for themselves on almost any day of the year. GMAT 2019 will not be organized on the dates when test centres are closed i.e Sundays or national holidays.

List of National Holiday’s when GMAT 2019 Test centre will be remained closed

  • Christmas Day (25th December 2019)
  • Thanks giving Day (23rd November 2019)
  • Labor Day, (4th September 2019)
  • Independence Day (4th July 2019)
  • Memorial Day (29th May 2019)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (16th January 2019)
  • New Years Day (2nd January 2019)

GMAT 2019 Test Timing

GMAT 2019 test will be conducted several times a day. The candidates can choose the convenient timing as per their preference.

Timing at which GMAT 2019 to be scheduled are as follows:

Morning8 AM
Afternoon12 PM
Evening4 PM

When to Register for GMAT 2019 Exam?

  • Candidates will be able to check the exam slots available up to six months before the date of exam.
  • Usually, the slot on the weekend fills very rapidly. In case the candidate looking to give the test on Saturday then he/she must book a slot at least 2 months prior to the exam.
  • If the candidate wants to register and give the test early, then he/she can register online or by calling just 24 hours before the test date. However, it is highly unlikely that the slot will be available at last hour.

Note: In order to check the GMAT 2019 vacant slot or registering, the applicant will be required to visit the GMAT official website i.e.

Important Factors while Choosing GMAT Test Date in 2019

The candidate must consider following 5 factors while choosing the test date for GMAT exam in the year 2019.

Application Deadline

  • While Choosing the GMAT test dates the candidate must check the application deadline of the B-school in which he/she may be looking for an admission.
  • Candidates are advised to give the GMAT 2019 test at least one month before the B-School first application deadline as the scores usually take 20 days to reach the recipients.
  • Most of the B-Schools have 3 rounds of application deadline; the candidate must target the first round.

Requirement for Retake

  • In case the candidate is not happy with the GMAT scores then he/she will have the option to reapply but have to wait for at least 16 days.
  • Aspirants should keep in mind that they can appear in GMAT exam only 5 times in a year with registration fees of $250 every time.

Time Requirement for Preparation

  • As GMAT 2019 is a highly competitive and prestigious exam, the candidates need an ample time to study and prepare. The candidate must keep the time requirement in mind while choosing the GMAT 2019 Test Date.
  • As per the reports of GMAC the candidates who score well in GMAT (i.e. 700 or higher) study an average of 121 Hours.

Any other exam or event in schedule

  • The aspirants must take a note of what is on their schedule while choosing the GMAT 2019 exam date, as choosing the date in a stressed schedule might hamper the performance.

Choosing the right time

  • Sometimes, the performance of the candidate also depends upon the time. So the candidates are advised to choose the right time i.e. morning or evening at which they can perform better.

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