ACT Test Pattern 2019: The ACT comprises of multiple-choice tests in four major areas- Mathematics, English, Reading and Science. There is one writing section optional in nature. The writing section is not going to affect your composite score. You can decide whether you want to take ACT with Writing or ACT without writing. However, you should make decision based on the requirements of colleges in the United State.

ACT is conducted for students aspiring to get admitted into undergraduate courses in the United State. Hence, ACT syllabus has been designed based on what you study in High School curriculum. If you focus on your high school syllabus, it will help you to score well in the exam for sure.

ACT Test Pattern 2019 Highlights

No. of Sections in the ExamFour- English, Mathematics, Reading and Science
Total number of questions 215 (216 in case of ACT with writing)
Type of questions Multiple choice questions
Exam duration 175 minutes (40 minutes extra for Writing section)
Format of the exam Two formats (ACT with writing and ACT without writing)

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Subjects Descriptions

  • English Section: You’ll be judged in terms of your understanding towards English language and Writing. Your language skills will be also calculated.
  • Math Section: Mathematical skills you gained up to the beginning of grade 12.
  • Reading Section: Questions will be given based on reading comprehension.
  • Science Section: The interpretation, evaluation, analysis, reasoning and problem-solving skills required to study Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth/space sciences.
  • Writing Section: This section is optional. What you learned in your high school English classes and entry-level college composition programmes will help you to perform well in this section.

ACT Test Pattern 2019- No. of Questions and Time Allotted

Subjects Involved No. of questions Time Given
English7545 minutes
Mathematics6060 minutes
Reading4035 minutes
Science4035 minutes
Writing1 Prompt40 minutes

ACT Test Guidelines

English Test

ACT English Test will comprise of 75 questions that need to be answered in total 45 minutes. Please follow the guidelines given below:

  • Look out the writing style which is being used in each passage.
  • You need to focus on elements of writing that are given in each underlined part of the passage. There may be some questions which require you to make your decision based on some precise element of writing.
  • If you do not find any underlined portion in the passage there is a probability that you are being asked about a particular section of the passage or the whole passage.
  • Carefully review each answer choices and try to find difference (s) between them.
  • Select the best answer after reviewing all the available choices.

Math Test

You’ll get 60 questions that need to be solved in 60 minutes. Please read the guidelines provided below:

  • You need to review the question carefully to determine the type of answer it requires.
  • If you decided to use calculator ensure it is permitted on the test day. Check out the calculator is in working condition with full of battery.
  • Solve the given problems by using calculator wisely.
  • Do the groundwork and find the most suitable answer for questions.

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Reading Test

ACT Reading test will comprise of 40 questions that need to be answered in 35 minutes.

  • Please carefully read the given passage.
  • Review all the answer choices given and find out the most suitable one.
  • You should answer a question by considering the complete passage.

Science Test

ACT Science test includes 40 questions that are to be answered in 35 minutes. Please keep the following things in mind before answering questions:

  • You need to carefully read the given passage.
  • Focus on scientific information given in the passage at the time of answering questions.
  • Review all the answer choices before you choose the one.

Writing Test

  • You need to provide statement based on your own prospective and try to relate your prospective with minimum one other prospective.
  • You should give various examples to support your ideas.
  • You should share your ideas in standard written English.

ACT Test Day Checklists- Read it carefully

What to Bring on the Test day?

You are allowed to bring following on the test day:

  • Printout of your ticket. If you forget to bring your ticket then your score will get delayed.
  • Acceptable photo identification.
  • Number 2 pencil with good eraser. Please do not bring any other writing instruments as you won’t be permitted to use them.
  • You can bring a watch but do not bring a watch with an alarm. In anyway, if your watch sound during the test then you’ll be dismissed.

Acceptable and unacceptable forms of ID’s

  • It must be original and unexpired ID offered by a state/city/federal government agency or your school.
  • If you are thinking to bring School ID then it must be in hard plastic card format. The ID in paper or electronic formats is considered invalid.
  • The photo on your ID should be clearly visible. The first and last name must be similar to the name mentioned on your ticket.

Following IDs will not be accepted on the test day. Do not attempt to bring any of these IDs:

  • ACT ticket only
  • ChildFind ID card
  • Birth certificate
  • Credit, charge, bank or check cashing cards, even with photo
  • Family portrait or graduation picture
  • Diploma
  • Fishing or hunting license
  • ID letter that is not an official ACT identification form
  • ID issued by an employer
  • Learner’s driving permit, If it doesn’t contain a photo


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