ACT Registration 2019: Registering online for ACT test is the fastest way of registration. However, if you are less than 13 years old and not able to pay by credit card then you should register by mail for ACT testing. If you register online then you do have option to view score, send score and make necessary changes. ACT online registration is a 40 minutes process subject to have all related information and documents.

News: ACT testing schedule has been released. Please follow the official link below to register for the exam. 

ACT Registration 2019 Prerequisites

It will take 40 minutes to register successfully for the test. You should have a computer with fast internet, high school course details, headshot photograph and payment information. Please keep following information handy before you plan to register for the exam:

Photograph meeting the required specifications

You’ll be asked to upload a photograph for security reasons. You can upload photo from your computer, mobile or even you can submit a printed copy of your photograph. The same photograph will be available in your ticket and the score report that is to be sent automatically to your high school.

You should upload your photograph and print your ticket as earlier as possible. You can’t print your ticket if you have not uploaded your photograph. Once you submitted the photograph then you need to login to your ACT web account and print your ticket. On the test day, you need to bring your Photo ID along with a printout of your ticket. Please ensure that your photograph is capable to meet the following requirements:

  • The photograph must be a clear image of you only.
  • You need to use a portrait photo.
  • You are not allowed to use dark glasses.
  • You must upload a JPG, JPEG, PNG, or BMP image file.
  • The maximum size of the photograph can be 5 MB.

>>How to Upload Photograph?

  • Upload from your computer: If the photograph is saved on your computer then you can upload it directly from your ACT web account.
  • Upload from your mobile device: If you are keen to upload your photo from your mobile device then you need to download and install the ACT free mobile app first. You should create your ACT web account on computer before you want to use the ACT mobile application.
  • Submit hard copy: If you do not have access to digital photograph then you can submit a hard copy of your photograph. You must submit the hard copy before the deadline specified by the concerned authority.

High School Code

You need to enter your high school code. You can find the same simply by using a form available @ Search your high school code here and enter the same during registration.

Test Center

You need to search a test center nearby to your location. You can browse the details about test centers here-

Your parent email address

Providing your parent’s email address is optional but it’s always better to provide it. It plays an important communication link between students and ACT.

Request accommodations and English Learner (EL) supports

ACT testing teams always look forward to assist students with documented disability in every possible mean. However, students have to follow the procedure given below for requesting accommodations and English Learner (EL) supports:

  • You need to create or login to your existing ACT web account. Make registration for the test and further specify need for accommodations and/or English learner supports. Please mention the type of accommodation and/or English learner supports you want.
  • Once you registered successfully, you’ll receive a mail including all possible details on how to work with school to request accommodations and EL supports. You need to forward the same mail to your school official.
  • Further, your school will submit request to the ACT on your behalf.

Procedure involved in ACT Registration 2019

>>How to Register Online?

To register online you need to visit the official website link of ACT and click the link Register now for the test. Now you need to click Create account link. You’ll be asked to answer two questions- Have you registered for the ACT before and Have you taken the ACT before. You should give your answer in terms of YES or NO.   After answering these questions, you’ll be redirected to ACT registration page. Here, you need to fill up the required details, upload your photograph and make payment of registration fee.

>>How to Register by Mail?

You can register by mail if

  • You are younger than 13 years.
  • You do not have credit card.
  • You are an individual student.

Check hereACT test pattern

ACT Test Fee 2019

Please find the test fee details mentioned below in the post:

ACT with no writing$50.50
ACT with writing$67.00
Change the test option$16.50

Additional Fees

Late registration$30.00
Changing the test date$30.00
Standby testing$53.00
Test center change$30.00
Score reports to 5th and 6th college choices$13.00
Additional score report$13.00
Telephone re-registration$15.00
Test Information Release$20.00

What to do if I want to make changes to my registration?

You need to login to your ACT web account and choose the option Make changes to your registration. You can make changes even through call by dialing 319.337.1270.

  • Test Center Change: It is possible if the seat remains vacant at your new preferred test center. You have to pay test center change fee additionally and you’ll be allotted a new seat.
  • Test Date Change: This option can be utilized by candidates if they were absent and couldn’t take the test on the original test date. Or, if the registration is cancelled due to some security measures.

What will be the mode of payment if I register online?

If you are registering online then you can make payment by credit card, prebiilled registration, state voucher or ACT fee waiver. The testing authority accepts Discover, American Express, Visa Card or Master card.

Click here to register here for ACT testing 

I’d like to cancel my registration, will I get a refund?

If you decided to cancel your registration then you basic registration and few additional service fee such as late registration, test center change are non-refundable in nature. However, fee paid for some optional services such as Test information release, ACT writing test, score reports for 5th and 6th college codes are refundable.

If you want to get refund then you need mention Refund on your unused ticket and mail it to the ACT. You need to email at with “REFUND” in the subject line or write a letter mentioning your identifying information, test center and test date. You need to label your envelope REFUND. Finally, send your request to


301 ACT Drive

P.O. Box 414

Iowa City, IA 52243-0414



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